Dab Rigs

We all know that dab rigs or oil drilling rigs (or called wax rigs) are pipes designed for enrichments.

They are used to use waxes and oils or "dabs". BongsWholesaler has a huge selection of the best glass dab rigs for sale, you can enter the store to choose your favorite new tapping rig-we promise you will enjoy free shipping and instant returns.

With these special dab devices you can avoid wasting your honey, buds and crumbs. These dab rigs are designed to dissipate heat, not to provide strong filtration. The biggest advantage of these dab rigs is that you can maximize the popularity of the concentrate. Keep your water and steam moving in the glass to minimize resistance and maximize flavor.

In particular, we have also selected a series of the best quality borosilicate glass drills, as well as your favorite tapping tools for you to buy drills-our shop also sells everything from carbohydrate caps to quartz bangers and nails, to various tapping tools and so on.