Glow In The Dark Bongs


Whether you like a beaker tube or a straight tube bong could glow in the dark which,BongsWholer have a series glow in the dark bongs at cheap price for you to select.You can get lots funny and suprise by using a glow in the dark glass bongs or dab rigs here.

How The Glow In The Dark
Glass Bongs work?
These glow in the dark bongs can bubble your smoke and filter it for smoother hits, just fill the bottom with water and take a rip! By adding phosphorescent powders to glass or paint, glassblowers are able to create impressive works of art that give off a greenish or bluish glow to pipe pieces after they've been exposed to light. these pipes glow in the dark with phosphors which captures light by day and then slowly releases it at night for an ultra cool glowing effect.

Everyone loves
wholesale glow in the dark bongs because they make smoking at night a lot of fun at an affordable price. Most of glow in the dark art designs or ideas always based on some simple classic beaker bongs or unique glass pipes. BongsWholesaler offers many cool bongs to enhance your smoking experience.

How To Make The Glow In The Dark Bongs Bright More?

If you want to make the light stronger to make you feel more intense,you can put these glow in the dark bongs under strong light for about half an hour so that you can get unexpected surprises from these cool bongs.