Gravity Bongs


Maybe “Gravity” is a subjective term to classify this remarkable collection of water glass bongs. We aren't going to presume other people's opinions, but since we live and breathe bongs every minute around here, we're pretty sure we know what's lit. (Anyway, all bongs are cool by definition, since they exist to bring down the temperature of your smoke.)

Maybe one of our faves will become one of your favorites, too! While looking through our favorite gravity bongs below.Whether you're into heady, scientific glass, or cutting edge glass pieces and bubblers, we has something for you in this super unique collection. Each of these designs as “Gravity” because of its unique size,or because of their beautiful design。                          

In contrast, it has a smaller base and a wider mouthpiece. This is a gravity stick, you can have fun. Maybe one of our favorites will also become one of your favorites.