Honeycomb Percolators Bongs


Honeycomb Perc Smoker

Honeycomb perc bongs are one of the most popular types of smoke guns on the market because of their flawless drag function. The honeycomb percolator contains dozens of small holes cut into discs to force your smoke and water to pass through to maximize cooling and filtering of the smoke.

Since there are many holes when inhaling, the resistance is very small, so it can provide a smooth and relaxing smoking experience. Shop our wide range of honeycomb perc smokers!

Due to their shape, these are very effective perc smoke bongs, and there may be as many as 100 holes in the honeycomb. This combined with the flat honeycomb surface provides a very smooth experience. These small discs will not slow you down at all and are installed right in the pipe of the smoker. Honeycomb filters can also be easily combined with other perchloroethylenes or stacked together.

But one inconvenience is that you must clean them regularly to use the honeycomb glass bongs, but this small disadvantage is very worthwhile.

We provide you with many types of honeycomb percolator bongs, such as double honeycomb hongs and triple honeycomb bongs.

As long as you choose us, we will provide all of this with preferential prices and fast free shipping.